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Yardistry Gazebo 12×20

Spend even more time outside, thanks to the 12’ x 20’ Wood Gazebo with aluminum Roof by Yardistry. Built with 100% FSC certified cedar lumber and finished in a stunning mocha brown stain, 12’ x 20’ Wood Gazebo with aluminum Roof is sure to become a popular gathering place – and a beautiful focal point in your yard.

Assemblyhub.us can assemble your Yardistry Gazebo 12×20. We are a “Preferred” Yardistry Gazebo Assembler in California. If you reach out to them, they will give you our information (Assemblyhub.us). We can make your Gazebo Assembly Services a breeze and you do not have to worry about assembling it yourself, with a couple of friends.

Here are somethings to keep in mind, when deciding if you want to take on such an assembly project.

  • It will take about 1-2 days of Assembly.
  • Will need Several Power Tools, 2 or 3 Ladders, a couple of wrenches and sockets, a tall “Prop Stick” around 10 feet or so… Just to take weight of holding roof panels.
  • Patience, A lot Patience.
  • The Strength to lift panels or columns up and the ability to hold in place for extend periods of time.
  • Know how to use tools and make connections with screws, bolts, nuts and tees to safely assemble the Gazebo.
  • Need to be able to read and understand the written instructions, and we all know, some instructions are harder then others to understand.
  • The ability to work over your head for some time, while installing bolts, nuts and screws.
  • Climb up and down a Ladder, for most the assembly work
  • Some Work Horses, like benches, to hold the wood parts
  • Part identification ability
  • Ability to look at a picture and decide which way a part is going or needs to be.
  • Safety is a Big Factor in Assembling Gazebos. They have a lot of sharp edges of the tin used. They are bulky and heavy. So wear protective glasses, gloves and a safety helmet.
This is just a small list of things needed in order to Accurately Assemble your Yardistry Gazebo 12×20. If you would like our help and/or services, we would be glad to help you assemble your Yardistry Gazebo 12×20 or Any Size Gazebo you may have; or Pergola. Our Google Website
Gazebo Assembly Services California

We assembled Costco Yardistry Gazebo, for their display. Had a fun time assembling it and the Costco Family, were very nice, welcoming and gave us plenty of room and time to assemble it.

Complete it in phases, to work with their schedule and the safety of their customers in mind.

They called us back to Disassemble the Gazebo to. Yep, we also can Disassemble your Yardistry Gazebo or Any Gazebo you have to help put a New One In.

Give us a try and make your appointment here.

Late Night Costco Gazebo Assembly Services
12x20 gazebo yardistry. we help people install their costco gazebos
12x20 gazebo installation Central California. Costco

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