Yardistry Cedar Pergola

We assemble Yardistry Cedar Pergola
12x12 Yardistry Cedar Pergola Assembly Service
Corner of Pergola 12x24 Costco Pergola

Assemblyhub.us is your preferred Yardistry Cedar Pergola assembly service. We are experienced and skilled in installing and assembling Costco Pergolas, Gazebos, Playsets and other Costco Products.

Our 5 in half years of Costco Yardistry Gazebo assembly/installation services has lead us to help install Costco Pergolas, Pavilions, Gazebos and Playsets and offer Great Customer Service is our key. Assembly Hub can give you free installation quotes on your pergola today or your gazebo and playsets.

This is the Yardistry Cedar Pergola from Costco;

“12 x 24 Pergola by Yardistry

Extend your outdoor living space with Yardistry’s 12 x 24 Pergola! This unique design, which includes sturdy and solid posts, will become an instant and beautiful focal point in your backyard. This multilevel structure has profiled beam and trellis ends, and the crisscross trellis joists add both strength and style. Like all Yardistry products sold at Costco, this pergola is built with 100% FSC certified Cedar lumber, which means all the wood comes from responsible and accountable sources.”

we assemble yardistry cedar pergola


what's inside the costco gazebo boxes screws and bolts

Are you thinking about assembling or installing your pergola or gazebo yourself, but not sure if you should?

Here we can show you a bit of the pergola parts you would be using to assemble your Costco Pergola.

Some of the pieces are screws (wood and pan screws), bolts, nuts and t-nuts, lag bolts, washers and hardware to connect roof to beams. Along with the 100% Cedar Wood of its framing. *** The smell of the Cedar is a nice pleasant smell of relaxation in the forest somewhere.

Pergola parts
madison pergola assembly services
Madison Pergola by Yardistry, Sold at Home Depot

10 ft. x 14 ft. Madison Pergola with Timber Gray Cedar Wood Stain, Bar, Sunshade and 2 Bar Stools

No matter you are installing a Pergola or Gazebo and even a Custom Pergola/Gazebo we can help you assemble and/or provide installation services for your products. Assemblyhub.us can install most of your items in the same day or within two. Our installers are professional and capable of completing your projects. Give us a Try and You Decide!

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