Tips to Assemble a Yardistry Gazebo

Or check out our YouTube, Gazebo Help Videos, to help you with your gazebo. assembled Costco Gazebo Display. Assembled Clovis, Ca Costco Gazebo Display 2/24/21
Costco Gazebo Parts and Screws.
Most of the Hardware used to Assemble Yardistry Gazebo.
Gazebo Assembly Services Fresno/Clovis/California
12x16 Yardistry Gazebo, Nice and Sturdy, With Custom Anchor Plates. 2/27/21

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We will share with you Tips to Assemble a Yardistry Gazebo and go over some steps and issues we found ourselves with. Some you can work around and others you have to solve them before moving on.

The Yardistry Gazebo is a Beautifully Crafted Backyard Gem! It adds value to any Home or Business. It is meant to give that outside comfort, with the Lovely smell of Cedar all around.

A lot of the times, people are intimidated of the size of the boxes and/or as soon as they open up the Gazebo and see all the bags of screws, bolts, nuts, angle plates, wood, washers, lock washers and more.

Costco Gazebo Delivery Services
We can Deliver Too.
Yardistry Gazebo Parts in the Box
Box# has two columns, the bag of hardware and parts.
Weather Stripping for the Yardistry Gazebo
Screws, Weather Stripping, Hardware and Wood Parts, understands the task at hand to assemble your gazebo quickly and efficiently and we know it can be quite the task. So we offer tips in assembling your gazebo as easy as possible.

Assemblyhub Knows, how one might want to pull their hair out, after opening a Yardistry Gazebo Box, with all that nice Smelling Cedar, All the Bolts and Nuts, Plates and Brackets and the Million of Screws used. 

Don’t Worry, that’s where we come in at and can help you have your Costco Yardistry Gazebo Up and Assembled Today!

Gazebo Assembly Hair Pulling
Gazebo Assembly making you Pull your Hair Out?

Tips to Assemble a Yardistry Gazebo

Post/Column Costco/Yardistry Assembly

We will go over the parts, screws and hardware needed for the column assembly work needed to assemble a Costco Yardistry Gazebo.

  • #8 x 1-1/2 Wood Screws

  • (2) Post Mounts (Per Column)

  • (4) Plinth (2 Short and 2 Long)

  • (2) 5/16×1-1/4″ Hex Bolt (2 Per Post Mount.)

  • #10 x 1-1/4 Pan Screws (x2 Per Post Mount)

  • 5/16 T-Nut (x4 Per Post)

  • 5/16 Lock Washer

  • 1/4 – 5/16 Large Washer

Costco Yardistry Gazebo Post (Column) Assembly Tips.

Adding Plinths to Yardistry Gazebo Posts
Base of Post. (Plinth)
Yardistry parts needed to assemble post
Anchor Plates, Washers (Flat & Lock), Screws (Bag #8 1 1/2")
Bolts, Screws, Washers, Lock Washers and Plinths
5/16 Hex Bolt (1 1/2") 5/16 Lock and Large Washer, and T-Nuts.
Assembling the Costco Yardistry 12×14 Gazebo Post’s Base Tip. What we do is, we will install the “Anchor Plate” with it’s hardware, on one side. once we have that in place, we add the “Plinth” to the side (Large Plinth), with 2 Wood Screws 1 1/2 inch, bag number 8. (Cattycorner from eachother.) Next add the small sides, to the Column, while making sure, it is flush and even with the others, (top and bottom, with top (towards sky) being more important, for that you will see.) We add two screws to the small Plinth’s (cattycorner), and then flip the post and add the last Anchor Plate and Plinth and then add all the Screws and then screw down, by jump around the different sections of the Column’s Plinths to evenly secure them to the Post. Repeat this process for the remaining Costco Yardistry Gazebo Posts.

Tips to Assemble a Yardistry Gazebo

Here, are the Anchor Plates for a Costco Yarditry Gazebo and the hardware to installation and do it yourself installs.

The assembly of this, is simple and the most easiest of the Gazebo, (smile) For all of Yardistry Gazebos, the Anchor Plate is install basically the same way, for all of their Gazebo Sizes. Be careful, the 12×14 and 12×16 uses #8 Screws 1 1/2″ and they are both bag #8 1 1/2″ & 2 1/2″ Wood Screws, that are used in the Plinth and the Anchor Plates.

It takes Pan Screws in the Anchor Plate as well, Bag #10, 1 1/4″. Make sure it is flat to bottom of wood post and secure securely.

Same process for the remaining Costco Yardistry Gazebo Posts.

Here are the Hex Bolts needed for the Anchor Plate assembly of the post for the Yardistry Gazebo. It’s a 5/16th Hex Bolt 1 1/2″ with lock washer and flat washer next.

So the order is Hex Bolt, Lock Washer and Then Large Washer.

Click Picture, if you would like to know more.

Purple Leaf Gazebo Assembly Services Fresno Ca

Use a mallet or hammer to seat the T-Nut into the outside of the post, opposite of Anchor Plate bolt install. (5/16 Bolt installed on the inside of the post, securing the Anchor Plate to the Post.

Repeat this process for the remaining Costco Yardistry Gazebo Posts.

Costco Gazebo Parts for Columns
Post Base Parts and Hardware
Custom Anchor Posts Plates
Custom Anchoring Plate
Costco Gazebo Assembly Services
Costco (Yardistry) Gazebo Display Assembled
Concrete Anchoring Fresno California
Upright Column Anchored Down

As you can see, the Costco Yardistry Gazebo, is a beautiful add to anyone’s backyard. The assembly of these Gazebo’s can be quite the task to do on your own, and it’s important to get help or hire us to help you with your Gazebo Assembly Needs. We are fast and efficient and get them complete in the same day!

Assembled 12x14 Yardistry Gazebo by
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  1. Read the instructions thoroughly and gather all necessary tools and materials before beginning.
  2. Make sure to have at least two people for assembly as some parts may be heavy and difficult to handle alone.
  3. Lay out all parts and hardware to ensure that you have all the necessary pieces before beginning.
  4. Follow each step in the instructions carefully and in order. Don’t rush and take your time.
  5. Use a level to ensure that the gazebo is level and straight during assembly.
  6. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap parts together if needed, rather than hitting them with a hammer.
  7. Make sure to tighten all bolts and screws as you go to ensure stability and prevent wobbling.
  8. Check all connections frequently throughout the assembly process to make sure they are secure.
  9. Take breaks as needed and have water available to stay hydrated.
  10. After assembly, double-check all connections and tighten any bolts or screws that may have become loose during the process.

These tips should help you assemble your Yardistry Gazebo successfully. Good luck!

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