What tools do I need to assemble a Costco Gazebo?

Costco Gazebo Assembly Tools Used
Great Impact Power Drill, to tighten, and screw down Bolts, Wood and Pan Head Screws
Gazebo Tools Needed
Awesome Tool, for the Post Bracket(s) Bolts and Roof Bolts and Lock Nuts Tighten

Additional Tools Needed





gazebo ladder
Will Need 2 Ladders
Mallet to line up wood beams and for t nuts
Help to straighten Wood Beams and insert t-nuts
Socket Set for Costco Gazebo Assembly
Only need 11mm, 13, 14 & 15 mm
vice grip to help with removing stuck t-nuts for Costco gazebo assembly
For Stuck T-Nuts
Wrenches for Costco Gazebo Assembly
Will need this, ratchet or power tool w proper bit
3/8 Sockets, to tighten down Bolts
3rd Hand support pole for gazebo roof installation
To help with holding the Roof upright

Socket Adapter Set 

help with the power drill to use sockets

Needed for Drill and Socket work


Assemblyhub.us not only can assemble your Costco Gazebo, but we also give advice on how to assemble it yourself. We provide you with some of the tools and equipment Assemblyhub uses to help us install our Costco Gazebos. At the top of each image is a link, that will take you to the product to purchase. Be Advise, it is a paid link, that we do make a small commission, that doesn’t increase your purchase or the product(s). Review our Affiliate Policy The tools above will make your life and the assembly work of your Costco Gazebo, or Pergola or any other products or projects you might buy or have in the future. Costco Yardistry Gazebo comes with a Square head bit and a drill bit as well, for creating pre-drilled holes in some places of the Gazebo, so when installing your lag bolt, it will not split the wood. (Tip, you won’t really need it, but good to use.)

Power Tools for Gazebo Installation Projects

This Power Wrench works Great for the columns/posts and the roof bolts and lock nuts to make assembly faster. Assemblyhub.us uses this exact tool. Its power and toque is great for this work and many other projects you might have and it’s battery power, lasts for a long time, on one charge we can Assemble 18 to 20 Gazebo per 1 charge. We only use it for the posts and roof panels.

The two sockets you would use for the posts and roof panels, are 13mm & 11mm (millimeter). (Equivalent SAE 7/16 = 11mm, 1/2 = 13mm and 9/16 = 14mm)

You will also need a power drill for the posts to, because you will need to install pan and wood screws in them, for the anchoring brackets. A mallet and/or hammer to insert t-nuts in columns. (Make sure to insert T-Nuts straight or level, and if it isn’t, you can take the bolt and pop it out, if its to tight, use a wrench or something hard, to push it out.) reinsert it, not all the way and start the connection of the bolt (couple of turns), then use the power tool to tighten down. Remember to make sure bracket is flat, with bottom of post, before tighten bolt and screws.

Costco Gazebo Post Assembly Services

Power Drill Needed, Impacts

Here is an awesome impact drill by Dewalt, a 20 volt. You will need a powerful drill to get your gazebo assembled quickly. This Impact Drill set is perfect with assembling your Costco Gazebo.

It also has a quick charge, so you can get enough charge to finish up your project, with just a few mins of charging… Assemblyhub.us has several sets of these Dewalts and they handle great and are comfortable to grip. You will not be disappointed of its performance. It comes with 2 batteries and one charger, one impact and one regular drill.

If your interested in ordering you, yours… Here is an link to it, Click Here Dewalt 20V Max Impact Drill

Third Hand, is a Great Helper

One of the best tools or piece of equipment, that you will need and can use for other projects, around your house. You can use it to add cabinets, floating shelves, holding up your Gazebo Roof and so many other items. The 3rd hand can hold up to 150 lbs+, it can extend long enough to hold the roof upright. (10.4 feet)

The 3rd hand, is a must have when installing anything with a ceiling or something, that needs to be held upright.

You are able to assemble your Costco Gazebo alone, with just this pole. It will take some time and some finesse, but it is possible with the 3rd hand.

At first I was using a long stick, to hold up the roof panels, with the help of a ladder, to rest the bottom of the stick on. I had to get very creative, but I ended up getting smart and purchasing the “3rd Hand” to help me with my gazebo roof attachment. Click Here 3rd-hand

Ladders Needs

You will need at least 2 ladders to assemble your gazebo. But can do it with one, expect challenging’s and more time added to your install. Two ladders are needed, when you stand the frame up and when you connect the roof and install the screws around the beam to roof hooks. Not to mention to add ridge cap covers and screws. Ladders are a great resource to completing your gazebo/pergola or any other project you might have. You will need two ladders when you attach the beams to each side of the Gazebo/Pergola and will need 2 ladders, to make it painless. So, you need two ladders and two people, to hold the beam and bolts and nuts, to connect to the posts, that are upright and spaced out correctly, to add bolts and nuts. Basically, you will attach two columns to a beam and angle bracket, for support. (Make both sides) Then stand it up, if you can have someone hold each side, if it’s not on level ground. Use the ladders on each side and hold up beam and attached the bolts, through beams and into post. And bolts, washers and nuts. Do the other side and after, make sure you add a angle bracket to give more support… Add the rest of the angle brackets for support.

Hopefully, We have Helped You!

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