Gazebo Power Supply Strip Kit

Gazebo Power Supply Kit: $100.00

gazebo power supply kit

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION’ Gazebo Power Supply Strip Kit may be used to conveniently power your Gazebo/Pergola structures. Power your lights, ceiling fan, speakers, or outside televisions. Use the outlets to charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops and/or power up your mini-fridge.
This Package includes the following:
  • GFCI Outlet
  • Power Switch
  • 12/2 Gauge Power Supply Wire
  • Plug-in and Power-up (Our custom Power Strips, have a 3 prong plug, making it easy to plug in to the nearest power outlet. (25ft and 50ft))
  • For all wood structures, we routed a groove into the wood trim, to hide wires and give that professional look.
We also offer additional outlets, placed higher on the strip for your television power or string lights for $20.
We can also add USB ports and specialty plug-in ports for additional cost per “Specialty” plug, $55. (Example, $100 for the “Gazebo Power Supply Strip Kit” but want USB ports in outlets, Add $55+$100= $155; Say you want additional outlet, but “USB ports” add ($20+55) $100 + $75.00 = $175
We offer a 2 week Warranty!

We build custom Gazebo Power Supplies, so you can have power in your outside structures.

With over 386 plus Gazebos, Pergolas installed, we heard what our customers were asking for and that was Power to their gazebo, to have a ceiling fan, or power outlets and or just even power to power lights.

Here is what we came up with and it can accommodate your power needs for your Gazebo, Pergola or Pavilion Structures.

To the right is some of our testing, so you can see how we test and what it can power up.

Order your custom Gazebo Power Supply Strip Kit today!

gazebo power supply

Order your “Gazebo Power Supply Strip Kit” today! And get it for $90, for an additional charge $50 we can install your ceiling fan and power strip to your Yardistry Gazebo.

gazebo power outlet strip kit

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