Gazebo Installation

Gazebo Installation
California Gazebo Installation Services
Costco Gazebo Installation

Gazebo installation services in California. We are able to provide installation services for all of your Gazebo/Pergola and Playset Needs. We can normally get it complete in the same day, depending on size.

Our quote are set prices and are the same for all of our customers. Are prices for gazebos from Costco/Other are a set price, depending on complexity. Our quotes Here. are able to install a “Outdoor” Gazebo Made, ceiling fan in your gazebo or you can. We can help you with that task here.

We now install ceiling fans’ a bit different now, we still use a 2×6 board for support and bracing., can add a power switch and outlet inside of the Gazebo Post, by cutting a square hole in the big side, to add a double gang box, to hold both switch and outlet.

We run the wire up the post, from the bottom, we measure how far we can go up the post before it can exit the post to connect to ceiling fan and light.

I will be making a video on how to do this, soon. But in the meantime we can help you with your installation of your gazebo ceiling fan and gazebo installation services.

This ceiling fan install, we connected it to a power cord, after installing the ceiling fan and plugged it in and powered it up. It’s not to complex and can have it installed within a half a day or about 3-6 hours install time. Give us a call or book today below.

costco gazebo ceiling fan installation
what's inside the costco gazebo boxes screws and bolts

We help take out all the headache of assembly services. You do not want to be stuck with assembling this, do you? has your back and can take care of all of your installation/assembly needs, no matter how big or small of a gazebo it is.

Having the right tools and equipment helps make the installation process smooth and easy. investing in the right, correct tools and equipment to get your project off the ground and looking like a Gazebo or Pergola.

The Hub, brings over 5 years of Gazebo, Pergola, Playset and Furniture Assembly/Installation Service. Our Customer Service is all about Respect, Communication and Integrity.

Costco Yardistry Gazebo Installation Service
two roof panel gazebo installation
14x12 Yardistry Costco Gazebo

Costco Yardistry Gazebo Installation Services

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