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Best Security Cameras for Home

night owl security camera installation services Fresno/Clovis Ca
Night Owl Security Camera Install
best security cameras for home
Lorex Security Camera (Click Any Pic to Learn More)
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the best wired security cameras
HikVision Security Camera Installation Service

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Best Cameras for home.

There are so many different types of security cameras out there to choice from. You have wired or wireless and we will share our thoughts on both of these types of systems. We will also explore “best security cameras for home outdoor and Costco Security Cameras.” “Best security cameras for home without subscription.” now a days, every thing you do, requires you to sign up for a subscription, monthly payments, account set up with email, where they will send subscription base information. If you need help with your Security Camera Installation Service, Let Help, Right now we have a special for $500.00 4 to 8 Camera System Installs, Hardwired.

Assemblyhub not only install security cameras, we can install all Costco Products, from BBQ Grills, Playsets, Gazebos to Sheds and TV Mounting as well as Security Camera System Installation Work.

Costco, California has used our services several times over the years and We are very Thankful for the Work we have done with them. Assembly Hub has installed several product displays for Costco’s in California.

El mejor Camaras de Seguridad para Casa

Clovis Costco Yardistry Gazebo Installation Display Services. Here Costco Clovis Ca, needed help with their Display and were able to help them with their display and get it installed in the middle of the night. Due to their hours of work. So we went in around the afternoon and put most of the gazebo together; and then we came back at 3am to finish assembling and connecting the Yardistry Gazebo. Clovis Costco needed the Display up by the opening the next day.

The Hub has installed Displays for 4 Costco’s around California for their displays and their customers in their respective areas. (Costco Clovis Ca, Manteca Ca,  San Leandro Ca, Sand City Ca)

ring doorbell security camera installation services
We install the Ring Doorbell Camera

If it’s your business, home or office you have to decide which, what type of camera you would need. prefers hardwire camera systems, because wireless, takes a battery change and charge. Life is so fast and people are busy, one will forget to change the battery out, until you realize you lost power to your cameras.

The only wireless camera system we would go with would be the Ring Doorbell Camera, because it is hardwired and battery powered, making it ideal.

liquor store security camera installation services Fresno Ca
Security Camera Installation for Liquor Stores

Lorex Security Cameras are one of the best hardwired and wireless security camera system out there.

The Lorex cameras come in different types of system categories:

  1. Battery
  2. Fusion (Wired & Wi-Fi)
  3. Smart Home Cameras & Sensors
  4. Video Doorbell

1. Lorex 2K 8-Channel 1TB NVR System with Outdoor Battery Operated Security Cameras and Solar Panels.

Best Security Cameras for Home, we can help you install your cameras

This system and the company are making an effort to provide “more environmentally-friendly options. With this awesome solar panel security camera system set up, is just one can use. It has a battery pack and isn’t charged by the solar panels. Like I mention, my likes towards hardwired systems, this can work, until you have no SunShine.

It is a great option for those who want to set something up fast and a distance away from your home. 

  • 8 Channels
  • 2k Resolution
  • 1TB 2.5 SATA HDD (Record at least 1 yr of Video)

The 2K wire-free bundle ensures easy installation and efficient monitoring; day and night. mobile apps for your lorex security camerasLorex offers an excellent app for the security camera systems. Your are able to view your camera system anytime from anywhere. It’s clarity, it’s easy to use interface and videos are in 1080p and cameras are in 2k resolution. 

Active Deterrence,
Easily deter any unwanted guest with a motion-activated LED warning light, a remotely triggered siren, and 2-way talk capabilities.

Person detection system, to help you know when someone is roaming your property. The notifications are sent to your cell phone warning of the events happening.

Quick and easy setup

Without the need to run wires to the cameras, installation becomes easier and faster. The cameras also feature quick-release Power Pack, which makes recharging simple.

No monthly fees for your cameras. It is all stored on your HDD (Hard Drive), a whole years worth of record time. With 1 TB of Memory you catch everything. Quick and easy set up, the non-do it yourselfer can even install this system. But if you don’t have the time or want help, Book your Appointment Here. 

This is a Battery Operated Security Camera System, that might be of interest to your needs. With it’s Solar Panel setup and it’s environmental friendly system, it’s worth checking out. We still recommend Hardwire. 

2. Night Owl Security Cameras

night owl security camera installation services Fresno/Clovis Ca

Night Owl Security Cameras are one of the Best Wired, Wireless, Wire Free and Doorbell security camera system out there.

The Night Owl cameras come in different types of system categories:

  1. Wired
  2. Wireless
  3. Wire Free
  4. Doorbell

You want a true CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Security Camera System, then the Night Owl is the set up for you. This system is a do it yourself but should have some tool knowledge and tools. The hardest part of setting up any wired system, is the wire run. Everyone wants hidden wires with a clean look. So expect to crawl around in your attic to install your wiring for your security camera system. (Any)

night owl mobile app picture

dvr type connection security camera
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nvr type connection for night owl cameras
Click Photo for a Video on NVR & DVR
With the NVR, you can run up to a 1,000 ft from the NVR and still receive an awesome, clear and sharp picture. The DVR only gives you 160 ft. You may need to add their own power supplies. Night Owl is designed and engineered in the USA. They make your privacy and security their top priority when made. It’s in compliance with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) It has built-in Bluetooth technology making it easier for set up and unlocking from your smartphone or tablet. No need for a monitor, keyboards or wired or wireless mouse. Your smartphone is your monitor, no need for an outdated user interface.
security cameras Installation service can install your security cameras today! Clovis Fresno Ca

3. Hikvision Security Camera Systems

Hikvision is the Best Security Camera System out there. They have all of your choice of Wired, Wireless, and Doorbell

Hikvision continues to advance industry technology with the Art of Video Surveillance. With a a variety of Cameras in HD, both analog and network cameras, Smart Pro IP Solutions, or the TurboHD Camera.

Hikvision cameras come in different types of system categories:

  1. Network Video Recorder
  2. Digital Video Recorder
  3. Web Camera
  4. Video Intercom
  5. Alarms
  6. Mobile Video Solutions
the best wired security cameras
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Best Security Cameras for Home

Hikvision is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions with a best-in-class
sales and support team that is focused on your success.

You’ll find some of our most popular and well-known product lines
and solutions such as our Smart Pro IP Cameras, deep learning technology that
fuels accurate video content analytics, thermal technology made affordable, and
more. We like the Thermal Security Camera Hikvision hasbest thermal security camera with positioning system an awesome feature on it, it has Fire Detection System built in and so many other great assets.

Behavior Analysis Based on Deep Learning Algorithm: Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance and Exit

Temperature Exception Alarm for Fire Prevention
Fire Detection, like mentioned above. It has Thermal & Optical Bi-Spectrum Network Positioning System is equipped with a built-in GPU that supports an intelligent behavior analysis algorithm.

Making the Hikvision the Best on the Market.

Stop criminals in their tracks and catch them in the act with the Hikvision Security Camera Systems. They have been providing top notch equipment and awesome customer services for the past 20 years.

security camera that works to stop criminals

hikvision is the best security camera out there

HIgh Performance Security Cameras

To learn more about the Hikvsion Security Camera System, here is a Hikvision Category you can Review.

So there you have it, our 3 Best Security Cameras we picked on the market that provide exceptional security for your home, your business, your office or your construction site. We even through in an extra Pick and that was the Ring Devices as well. No matter if your installing your Security Camera System or you hire to install it, you can’t go wrong with protecting your family, property and investments. Let us help you install yours as soon you get it, so your protected. You find these items in the links above and as well visiting your local Costco, Home Depot, Bestbuy, Amazon to name a few… Let us help you today, with your install! Call and make your appointment at 559-803-1808

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