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Gazebo Installation

Gazebo installation services in California. We are able to provide installation services for all of your Gazebo/Pergola and Playset Needs. We can normally get it complete in the same day, depending on size. Our quote are set prices and are the same for all of our customers. Are prices for gazebos from Costco are a

12x16 gazebo modesto ca

12×16 Gazebo Modesto Ca

12x16 Gazebo Modesto ca

Who Assembles Yardistry Gazebo? We assemble Gazebos, and all furniture, both indoor and out. The more popular item is the Yardistry Gazebo and Pergola.

We offer reasonable prices, great customer service and respect to our clients we help. have been Assembling Yardistry Gazebos’ for about 5 years now and we have constructed over 400+ and counting Yardistry Gazebos and over 300 different types of furniture assembled.

Furthermore, we can assembly all types of furniture too. Our goal is to provide the up most top notch service possible. We strive to assemble your Yardistry Gazebo the Same Day. We do not charge charge extra for moving boxes, but do charge extra for anchoring to concrete of $125.00. If you want the Yardistry Wood Counter Installed additional cost of $125.00, Privacy Wall Assembly $200.00.

12×16 Gazebo Modesto Ca

Additionally, we can install Power, Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Outlets, We can TV Mount and Wire Up Surround Sound In Your Gazebo. Give us a Call and let us help create that oasis in your backyard.

Travel isn’t included in the price and charges vary, depending on distance.

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Gazebo Assembly Services California

We Assemble Yardistry Gazebo and Pergolas

We Assemble Yardistry Gazebo and Pergolas, We share with you this beautifully crafted Gazebo Assembled in Modesto, Ca The client wanted it next to the pool, with a freshly laid slab of concrete to sit on. This Yardistry Gazebo was the 12 by 16 foot Gazebo with Bar. It took about 20 hours to assemble.