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Membership to Assembly Hub and get a Free Assembly, like this beautifully crafted Island on wheels, we assembled yesterday for free, for a membership subscription and it came out great… Kitchen Island on WheelsHit us today for all your assembly needs. Call 559-803-1808 or make an appointment or set-up membership services…

7 Assembles’ in a year and up to 35% off too, for the rest of the year!

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We Offer Memberships at a great low price to fit everyone’s budget. Assemblyhub will assemble anything you have with a membership; all throughout the year. Check out details below.

We have a deal on Google My Business on these and more, check us out here and leave us review while your at it. Assembly hub can assembly anything you might have, in a fast, timely matter. We provide great customer service and back our work up with our word.

Assemblyhub.us will work around your schedule and can work with your budget too. We understand rough times and can offer flexible payment plans. We are here to help, not to get rich.

You can sign up for the Membership program. You would pay $35.00 a month (12 months = $420.00 a year) and will receive:

  • One medium assembly. ($155.00 – 335.00 Others Charge, Assemblyhub.us $176.00)

  • Three small assemblies. ($120.00 – 150.00 Others Charge each, Us $40.00 each) “Beds, desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables, outdoor furniture, and playground sets.” 

  • Two TV Mounts and Removals. (Any Size, Anywhere.) ($175.00 Other Charges, to remove unknown, Assemblyhub $75.00 and $25.00 to remove.)

  • Ring Camera Install. ($238.59 Others Charges, Assemblyhub Charges $75.00)

  • 30% off of any big assembly, or if it’s your first assembly $420 off and you pay the difference. (You Will Pay full Year, at once, if you use on big assembly.)

  • 15% off of all future assembly’s after Members use up all of their perks, until Membership Renewal. 

  • Throughout the year. (12 Month Year) (Going with others you would spend $1,283.59, With Us, Cost about $571.00 You Save $712.59 compared to other companies.) (Savings with Membership $151.00 + 712.59 = $863.59)

Assemblyhub has deals, savings and memberships going on all the time. Hit us up today for yours!

You Can register above for membership!

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