Gazebo Questions and Answers about the Costco Yardistry Gazebo or just Any Gazebo. So, with that and so many everyday, same questions, it made sense to create this page for your questions, comments and thoughts on this product.

Gazebo Tips for Installation

Wood Gazebo Tips

Wood Gazebos are more easier to work with. As we all know wood bends, flexes and expands.

These ones, in particular don’t last as long as the Metal or Aluminum Gazebos, but have about 10 years + out of them and they Look better and are more stable and secure. The few tips, that you would need to watch out for is:

Protecting the Wood, Most manufactures add a light protective coat over the Gazebos, which as one would be aware of, not the best or even mediocre. recommends using “Weather Thompson Seal.” It provides a awesome protectant cover for the wood and to help it last longer then 10, 15 or 20 years. Providing lasting memories underneath your wood Gazebo.

Installation Order, We all know Install instructions can be difficult to read and understand or even to follow along. Through trials and errors, we were able to figure out a simpler way to install a Costco Yardistry Gazebo. The Hub assembles All the parts first. Parts meaning, Roof Panels, Beams and Post. We assemble everything first and then we erect it, creating your Gazebo.

Gazebo Question and Answers

Doing this method, allows you alone to assemble everything over a couple days or so and saving you money and time in trying to find help. Friends like it better, when it isn’t much work left, to do! By doing this, you will only have about 3 to 4 hours left in install. Given, you and your help is handy or knowledge of tools and connecting bolts, nuts and parts together. If not, then add several more days or a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, this a good way to go about it.

Wood Gazebo Tips

  1. Everything is Together!
  2. Easier to Install and Manage!
  3. Do not need help, during your assembly work. (some parts might be heavy.)
  4. You can’t blame anyone else for the assembly work YOU DID!
  5. Just need help lifting and holding up!
  6. You will only have several hours of installation left!

Make Sure Everything is Flush, By making sure everything is flush, makes for a much easier install. Especially the Roof Panels, because they will give you issues when your almost complete, not unless you make sure everything is flush and as perfect as you could get it or do it. Here is a Link to a Youtube Video for help on Costco Yardistry Gazebo Roof Panels.

Safety, When installing anything, it is important to keep safety in mind. So not only does Yardistry, Costco and recommends using safety equipment like goggles, gloves and having an extra person around, just in case, they do not have to be helping you, but just around! *** You will not be able to have your gloves on, while pealing the plastic from the “Roof Tin” because the dexterity needed to peal the protective cover off. This here will be the time you will be or get cut. The tin is Very Sharpe and can Slice you very Easy!

Ridge Caps

Ridge Caps and Covers, Here is where you will have the most issues, if you install it wrong. You will have trouble with installing “Ridge Covers.” Because of the installation of the Weather Striping, if it is to close or riding away from big side (not close to) you will find yourself with trouble putting on the ridge covers and can possibly cut yourself, because they become stuck, and by nature reaction, one hits to push it up or on. And this shouldn’t be done, for that it can cut you really bad!


Here is another video from Youtube, on Ridge Caps and Covers.

Roof Panel Lift, Two People, The roof panel installation is one of the most trouble you will have installing the Costco Yardistry Gazebo. We have a great video to explain all you need to get the job done and complete. Please visit HERE and Subscribe if you can and have time.

Metal Gazebo Tip

Metal Gazebos are easy but can become difficult if tighten to soon. The parts, pieces will not connect correctly, or will be hard to add screws and bolts through the pre-drilled holes that match up to another hole below or above, creating an connection.

The best “Tip” is to leave the parts that connect the roof to the beams loose. Reason being, is that when you put on the tin and add the screws/bolts, your able to move the long metal (tin) brackets, that you attach to the beams more freely. Metal Gazebos are less sound and should be anchored down. By concrete anchoring it to the concrete, it will create more support and better secured to it’s foundation.

Aluminum Gazebo Tips

Wilmington Gazebo Installation Services CaliforniaAluminum Gazebos are also like the metal gazebos. You want to leave most of the connections of the roof loose, so that it is easier to connect everything. It will help install a lot smoother. If you need help please reach out and let us help you today!

Gazebo Q’s & A’s

What are the snow load and wind specifications for this Gazebo?
Accumulated snow must be removed from roof.

This product Install instructions says to remove any and all snow loads or debris. Wind specifications, unknown, but the weight of the structure, depending on the size you have. The Wind Specs are within the size of structure. Anywhere from 50 mph to 75 mph and if your in that type of wind, or less.
We recommend Concrete Anchoring to the concrete, to better secure your Gazebo or Structure(s). Any advice read here, is our opinion and experience in installing Gazebo (Yardistry) Structures. We suggest you consult with Yardistry for more accurate details and information.

Has anybody used this for a carport?

Yes, these can be easily used for a carport. Depending on the size of the Gazebo.

Has anyone poured footers to secure the gazebo?

Our Customers do and have footers poured, to better to secure the Gazebo down. It is extra reinforcement to securing your structure. Check with your City Ordinance.

What is the snow load capacity of the roof?

Do not let the Snow accumulate on the roof for the roof can collapse. It is recommended to remove all snow or debris immediately. It is good to Check with the manufacture or review those items before purchasing.

Gazebo Q’s & A’s

Is there privacy wall available for the 12 × 24 gazebo?

Yes there is, for the 12 foot side, but if you want one for the 24 foot side. You can Install two Privacy Walls on the 24′ side. Check out this helpful post Instructions to guide your install here or you can purchase our video in our Shop.

Has anyone tried painting the roof a different color?

We do not recommend painting the roof, but reach out to the Manufacture, maybe they have touch up paint. Over the years of installing these gazebos, we have noticed the fading on the roof panels after a couple of months or more. You can search for any protective paint for the tin and is approved for use on the Gazebo tin.

Is there a shelf available for the 12 x 20 gazebo?

A shelf is not available with the 12 x 20 gazebo, but there is a “Bar Counter” for the 12′ side of your gazebo. You can always build a shelf or get custom shelves built to fit.

What do you recommend using to anchor to concrete?

You can use any Concrete Anchoring Bolts or Screws. We use Tapcons and the reason, so if our customer wants to remove the anchors, they can without cracking the concrete or having a stud sticking out of the concrete. You can patch the hole back up as well.

Is installation available?

Yes, offer Installation Services and are available to Travel throughout California, for a Travel Fee. Book your appointment today Here!

Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of the steel cable that runs between the middle posts? (12×20 & 12×24 Yardistry Gazebo)

The cable is used to keep the posts from bowing away from each other, which would cause a collapse of the structure and roof.

We use a strap and ratchet system to keep them together from bowing, because the steel cable it comes with can break or snap. So it is recommended you use a rope or something to tie around the top of the middle posts. Just until gazebo is complete. Not to tight, where it is pulling in the Posts.

Can this be installed on gravel?

Yes, you can install your gazebo on most surfaces, like gravel, grass or concrete or dirt, packed hard dirt. suggests you have a concrete pad poured, so that you have a foundation and are able to secure it to something, more than gravel or dirt. Check out this Post about “Preparing Your Yard for Gazebo.”

The gazebo is delivered in 5 boxes. Could you please provide the list of pieces/hardware per box?

It is possible to provide a list of what’s in what’s box.
In the install instructions, there’s an itemized listed of the parts and hardware in the boxes. You would need to do a inventory check before install, to make sure you have everything and not damage.

Has anyone used roller shades with this. Have a bit of a wind issues in your area?

We have seen “Roller Shades” installed on Gazebos, but not any areas with significant winds. AssemblyHub, recommends that the shade you use, consult with the manufacture of the Roller Shades.

Qs & As

Has anyone tried painting the roof a different color?

We had one of our customers paint theirs, all white and others stain theirs. If you do paint/stain, it suggested that you paint/stain it before installation and make sure to let it dry. It can be quite sticky. We do recommend you do Stain your Gazebo to protect it from the Elements.

Does this support hanging a swing?

It can support a swing, but Yardistry doesn’t recommend it and I believe any alteration with void your warranty. You will have to contact Yardistry.
If you were to install a swing, We suggested to install over and around the beams. 

Is the Mosquito Mesh Kit is compatible with the Bar Counter on this 12×20 Gazebo ?

The Mosquito Mesh Kit, and Wood Counter are a tight fit together. The Wood Counter extends past the posts which does not allow the mesh to hang correctly

Do I need a Permit?

12×14 or less, you do not need a permit, but it is your reasonability to check with your local code enforcement agency.
Our clients often times, no matter the size, they install it, for that it is a kit, and not a custom structure, that needs a permit and blueprints to be approved. But if you do need a Permit, ask for a owner building permit for a gazebo and get the specs off the Install instructions and give it the City/County Building Department Office.

Applies to Pergolas Too

What tools do I need to have?

Tape Measure
Carpenters Level
Standard or Cordless Drill
Claw Hammer
7/16” & 9/16” Wrench
Assembly Guides
8’ Step Ladder
Safety Glasses
Adult Helper
Safety Gloves
Hard Hat
Tools Required:
• Use Help, where this is shown, 2, 3 or 4
people are required to safely complete
this step. To avoid injury or damage to the
assembly make sure to get some help.
• Use a measuring tape to assure proper
• Pre-drill a pilot hole before fastening
screw or lag to prevent splitting of wood.
6’ Step Ladder x 2
7/16, 1/2 & 9/16 Socket

Do I really need Concrete Anchoring for My Costco Yardistry Gazebo?

It is company recommend to concrete anchor the Yardistry Gazebo, but it is super heavy and if your not in a windy area or location of the Country, and depending on size and type of material used, wood, metal or Aluminum.

Can I add power and a ceiling fan?

ceiling fans installation in a gazeboYes, Yardistry makes a great structure that will help you be able to install power, tv’s, ceiling fans and heaters. Again, it might or will void your warranty. Hire the right, licensed electrician for your project.

Yardistry Installation Instructions All Sizes

Installation Instructions Here.