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Four (4) Yardistry Gazebo Installation Services, Same Property. gets many questions about the Costco Yardistry Gazebo or just Any Gazebo. So, with that and so many everyday, same questions, it made sense to create this page for your questions, comments and thoughts on this product.

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Accumulated snow must be removed from roof. 

This product Install instructions says to remove any and all snow loads or debris. Wind specifications, unknown, but the weight of the structure, depending on the size you have. The Wind Specs are within the size of structure. Anywhere from 50 mph to 75 mph and if your in that type of wind, or less.

We recommend Concrete Anchoring to the concrete, to better secure your Gazebo or Structure(s). Any advice read here, is our opinion and experience in installing Yardistry Structures. We suggest you consult with Yardistry for more accurate details and information.

We have seen “Roller Shades” installed on Gazebos, but not any areas with significant winds. AssemblyHub, recommends that the shade you use, consult with the manufacture of the Roller Shades.

Yes, these can be easily used for a carport. Depending on the size of the Gazebo.

Our Customers do and have footers poured, to better to secure the Gazebo down. It is extra reinforcement to securing your structure.

Depending on size, it can take a lot of wind.

Example: (As a Rough Estimate, It would take roughly 40–45 mph winds to blow a 100 pound person off their feet. I would say (roughly speaking))

At the moment there is not, but you can customize the 12×14 privacy wall and just do some alteration.

We do not recommend painting the roof as Yardistry hasn’t tested that for the roof.

Over the years of installing these gazebos, we have noticed the fading on the roof panels after a couple of months or more. If we hear of any protective paint for the tin and is approved for use on the Yardistry Gazebo tin, We will share that information as soon as we would learn it.

We just had one of our customers paint theirs, all white. If you do paint, it suggested that you paint it before installation and make sure to let it dry.

A shelf is not available with the 12 x 20 gazebo. You can always build a shelf or get a custom shelves or kitchen or bar.

You can use any Concrete Anchoring Bolts or Screws. We use Tapcons and the reason, so if our customer wants to remove the anchors, they can without cracking the concrete or having a stud sticking out of the concrete.

Yes, offer Installation Services and have crews available through California. Book your appointment today Here!

The cable is used to keep the posts from bowing away from each other, which would cause a collapse of the structure and roof.

We use a strap and ratchet system to keep them together from bowing, because the steel cable it comes with can break or snap. So it is recommended you use a rope or something to tie around the top of the middle posts. Just until gazebo is complete.

Do not let the Snow accumulate on the roof for the roof can collapse. It is recommended to remove all snow or debris immediately.

Yes, you can install your gazebo on most surfaces, like gravel, grass or concrete or dirt, packed hard dirt. suggests you have a concrete pad poured, so that you have a foundation and are able to secure it to something, more then gravel or dirt.

No, it is imposable to provide a list of what’s in what’s box for that when the items are packed, they are packed according to how it fits. Assemblyhub has installed these gazebos for awhile and things are in different boxes every time.

In the install instructions, there’s an itemized listed of the parts and hardware, that you would need to do a inventory check before install.

It can support a swing, but Yardistry doesn’t recommend it and I believe any alteration with void your warranty. You will have to contact Yardistry.

If you were to install a swing, We suggested to install over and around the beams. 

The Mosquito Mesh Kit, and Wood Counter are not compatible together. The Wood Counter extends past the posts which does not allow the mesh to hang correctly

12×14 or less, you do not need a permit, but it is your reasonability to check with your local code enforcement agency. Our clients often times, no matter the size, they install it without a permit, for that it is a kit, and not a custom structure, that needs a permit and blueprints to be approved.

Tape Measure
• Carpenters Level
• Standard or Cordless Drill
• Claw Hammer
• 7/16” & 9/16” Wrench

Assembly Guides
• 8’ Step Ladder
• Safety Glasses
• Adult Helper
• Safety Gloves
• Hard Hat

Tools Required:
• Use Help, where this is shown, 2, 3 or 4
people are required to safely complete
this step. To avoid injury or damage to the
assembly make sure to get some help.
• Use a measuring tape to assure proper
• Pre-drill a pilot hole before fastening
screw or lag to prevent splitting of wood.
• 6’ Step Ladder x 2
• Square
• Rachet
• 7/16, 1/2 & 9/16 Socket

It is company recommend to concrete anchor the Yardistry Gazebo, but it is super heavy and if your not in a windy area or location of the Country, and depending on size and type of material used, wood, metal or Aluminum.

Yes, Yardistry makes a great structure that will help you be able to install power and ceiling fan(s). Again, it might or will void your warranty. can help with your power and ceiling fan install.

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