How to install two Yardistry 12′ Gazebo Privacy Walls on a 12×24′ Gazebo

12x24 foot gazebo with 2 12 foot privacy wall installs was able to customized our clients privacy wall to fit the 24 foot side, by installing two privacy walls, butted up to each other...
two 12 foot privacy walls installs
One side of the 24 foot side (12 foot, section.), we are installing a 12' Privacy Wall on one side and the 2nd on the other.

How to install two Yardistry 12′ Gazebo Privacy Walls on a 12×24′ Gazebo? client came to us, during their 12×24 Costco Yardistry Gazebo Assembly Service. They asked if We could install “two 12′ Privacy Walls” on the 24 foot side of the Gazebo? Our client’s showed me some pictures and my brain started going and ideas came rushing, here’s what we got!


Double 12' Privacy Wall Install

Here’s what our Customers Said, after installing their 12×24 Costco Yardistry Gazebo.

First, We had to get the distances on the 24 foot side, for both sections. I believe each sections of the 24 foot side of the 12×24 foot Costco/Yardistry Gazebo was 10′ 4″ (ten feet and four inches.) Remember the post width of each post, especially on the 24 ft side. 

two 12 foot privacy walls installs

So our clients assembled the slates to the wood framing. Creating 3 7’3″ high privacy walls. The measurements, give or take are about 3 foot 2 or so wide. If you measure 3.5 foot from both sides, to the middle, you will create your 3 sections for your Privacy wall placement. Now that you have 3 Privacy sections created, you can hang the first one, in the middle. (make sure, not to add spacers to the top.) Make sure to get centered of the “Hash Marks” of 3.5′ with your first, middle privacy wall. Use the required screws, to install.

12 foot privacy wall Installation Service
Privacy Wall Installation Services
completed inside 12 foot gazebo privacy wall

We inverted the install instructions to fit their needs and wants and it worked out great. We can send you the install plans for a small donation of $5.00, so we can continue to share free and cheap help on your Gazebo Installs or we can come and Install it for you!

We removed a couple of support pieces to install the privacy wall and made a couple of cuts, to secure it in place and it worked out perfect. Give us a Call and Let Us install it today!

12x24 foot gazebo with 2 12 foot privacy wall installs
Gazebo Privacy Wall Install
We install Privacy Walls, for Costco Yardistry Gazebos
Costco Privacy Wall Installation Services

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Here is the Install instructions for your Privacy Wall… 
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