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Does Costco Install Gazebo's? No, but We Do!

Our prices range from $300 – $3,000 for  Gazebo Installation. Click Here to Text for Your Quote.

Costco Gazebos

But We Do!

Assembly Hub can Assemble all Costco Gazebos for you today! We are licensed, insured and experienced. Here are some of our Quotes for Installation.

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Here we answer questions about Costco Gazebo's and if they install them, how long does it take, how many people needed to assemble.. .etc


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Most frequent questions and answers

No, Costco does not offer Gazebo installations services for it’s popular Yardistry Gazebo, but We Do!

Normally and Most the time, they will refer you to contact Yardistry for an Assembler and they will give you a list of assemblers and is one of those Assemblers.

Yes, Costco has a Delivery Service, that can deliver your gazebo to your driveway. That’s as far as they will drop it off on your property.

We are often asked, to move it to the backyard, but we just start the assembly service in the front yard and walk it to where it needs to be.

Me, by myself takes about 5-8 hours to install, Completely, I have over 632 Gazebos Installed.

It takes someone else about 12 – 24 hours, depending on size of the (Yardistry) Costco Gazebo and the required number of people to help. (2-5 people) 

Let’s not forget about the tools you will need to have and the ladders and patience. We can help with the assembly service, giving you more free time.

You will need a cordless drill (each helper, if possible), tape measure, claw hammer, leveler, one 8′ and two 6′ ladders, at least two; 2 wrenches (7/16″ & 9/16″) and Socket (Same above, plus 1/2″ socket and ratchet, #2 Phillip bit or screwdriver gloves and safety glasses, a square, wood clamps, come in handy as well; horses to lay your parts out. A stick to prop up the roofs. Check this video out HERE on tips with the Costco Gazebo (Yardistry Gazebo). Hopefully it gives you more of an idea of what to expect.

The Gazebo comes with additional tools to help you assemble the gazebo, like a square shape bit, a drill bit and a 1/4″ socket.

Metric Sizes, 11, 13, 14 & 15 mm

Sounds like a lot huh? We can help, give us a call and let us take care of you.

We always recommend following the instruction (assembly) guide, which suggests and recommends the Yardistry (Costco) Gazebo be “Anchored Down.”

We can help with that as well, give us a call and let us Anchor your Costco Gazebo Today! can assemble your Costco (Yardistry) Gazebos, any time. We are fast and efficient. We back our work and have been assembling Costco (Yardistry) Gazebos for over 6 years now and have over 560+ Gazebo Assembled and Installed to our customer’s liking.

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