Clovis TV Mounting

Clovis TV Mounting, We mount TV’s on your wall, over your fire place, outside; inside, we mount your TV wherever you would like it. We mount any size and in any location. It takes us about 45-60 mins to get the job done. Are work is clean and we provide the best customer service available. We are not finished until you are satisfied with the results.

Clovis TV Mounting

Here are a few things we offer with our TV Mounting:

  1. Assembly of Mount

  2. Stud Finder Placement and location

  3. Your choice of Placement (height, angle and so on.)

  4. Connection of Wall Mount to TV Brakets

  5. Clean Up

  6. Any Wall, Wood, Brick, Concrete, Stone and Steal Mounted.

  7. Hour or less work

  8. Able to Work Around Your Schedule.

Requested Additional Services

  1. Hidden Wires (Behind TV)

  2. Power Outlet (Behind TV)

  3. Electronic Set-up (sound bars, cable, internet…etc.)

We service the areas of Fresno California, Clovis California, Madera County and Tulare County California. We do charge a fee on fuel, reasonable and affordable. Any size TV and any location and height. We stand by our services and our “get it right, the first time” plan.

Check out our Business Assembly for small businesses and home owners, Business or Home.

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