Any Size Gazebo Assembly

Any Size Gazebo Assembly

Gazebo/Pergola Assembly. Any Size, Anywhere. 
What we will do,
We will Move Boxes to desired location. will ensure all parts and pieces are there.

We will start the assembly work of the:

Posts, Beams, Roofs, etc.

  • Next We will Connect the Posts with the Beams, to Create Your Frame.

    ***We Charge Extra For Anchoring, For that the weight of the Gazebo… etc, is heavy enough to stay in place, but we can anchor down.)

  • We Will Assembly the Roofs onto the Frame. (Note, if you only need help with the frame and or roofs, give us a call we can help discounted price.)

  • Next, we will attached the supporting items and that’s it.

We make it sound easy, because we have done plenty of them to know, it without the instructions, but we re-ensure, we still follow all direction to assembling your project in orderly fashion.
If your interested in this short lasting offer please hit us up.

Thanks for reading and thinking about using our services.
***Side Note, We do take all precautions, during this time because of the Covid-19 Virus and just for the sake of human-kind to live a long lasting life.

Any Size Gazebo Assembly


As you can see, it takes quite of bit of time, patient and work to assembly a Gazebo. You will need a couple of people to help you assemble it. The recommended amount of people are 4; and most people don’t have more then 4 or 5 friends/associates and most the time they are busy. We can Assemble your Gazebo with just one person, sometimes two… We do ask, if you can help, when it just one person, but it’s more or less to monitor a stand or what not. are fast and efficient in it’s work with Gazebos. Hub services the Fresno County Ca Area, Tulare County Ca, Madera County Ca and the Surrounding areas as well. We will travel anywhere, as long as the price is right for the work being done….

We can Assembly one or Multiple… Give us a Call and let us take care of your needs… Please visit our appointment page

Or Call/Text Us at 559-803-1808 or Click Here!

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