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The Best TV Mounting Service in Clovis California

The Best TV Mounting Service in Clovis California. Assembly hub can help you install your 32 in or your 92 inch tv to the wall. We are fast and reasonable priced, $50.00 Any Size. Give us a Call Today. 559-803-1808

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The Television has came a long way, over the years. Sept 7th, 1927. The first “television” system broadcast was a straight-line by Philo Farnsworth on September 7th, 1927. The press was presented with this scientific breakthrough on January 13, 1928 and it even headlined a few major nationwide papers. Needless to say, a straight line was not mass marketable, hence by the end of the 1920s there were only a few dozen televisions in the world. All of these were in research labs.

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They use to be this big box shape devices, that broadcast information with a black and white screen. (Picture Tube) It would have these big knobs to control channel selection and volume. RCA was the first TV.old rca 630 tv. talking about how far tvs came, to them being mounted on the wall.

It went from these types of tv’s to even bigger tv’s, taking up so much space in your home. We all thought it was the shhh, to have a big box tv, that had a big screen on it. You would hook up all of your Gaming Consoles, like Nintendo or Sega Genesis, big bulky Cable boxes or VCR’s to name a few.

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TV’s in 2022 are now flatter, bigger with everything built into it. Like, Internet, Streaming Networks, Games, Sound bars, Bluetooth Capabilities and so much more. We came a long way from the first tv, with the ability to mount the tv on the wall. can help you with mounting your tv on the wall, no matter the size tv, or wall mount. We can get it on the wall, secured and set-up in no time. In just 30-45 mins you can have your 32 inch tv or your 92 in tv mounted. Harlan Ranch Clovis, Fort Washington Fresno and Surrounding Areas of Service.

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The Best TV Mounting Service In Clovis Ca
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People want the TV’s mounted all types of ways, some care about hidden wires and other do not. So want it super high on the way, while others prefer lower, so they’re not straining their neck.

Whatever your comfort is, can Mount your tv today. Give us a Call Now.icon