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Video Arcade Assembly, use to only be at your local liquor store, or neighborhood stores. Stores would have them lined up by the front door the store, just so the own can have a clear view of you playing your game with excitement. Why you and all your friends, are all into the game, making noises and just boys youthfulness glowing, lets say. (being rough with the Arcade system, thinking that’s going to help you win.) Lol, There were so many games in this stores, classics like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and so many more. great ones.

Put your 2 quarters in the game and there you go, you can start playing. Now a days, you rarely see video arcade in stores, if you see any at all. With technology, computers, smart phones and tablets and the ability to buy your own Arcade System; from places like Wal Mart, or you can order from places like Amazon.

It’s a mid 30’s to 40’s dream to have, well an Arcade in your home. Kinda like Slots Machines, if you love to gamble and have that Vegas feel in side of your home. (I had bought my own mini game slot and it worked. Had it right when you walked in my home, so guest would peak there interest and drop a quarter or two; one time I had about $300 in it, and one of my guest put a quarter in and won the jackpot. Ya.. Straight up won all the money I was collecting when people would just play here and there. They won fair and square and got to go home with $300 in in Quarters.) Moral of the story, they make good guest entertainment please’rs to enjoy.

Video Arcade Assembly

Brings me back to the Video Arcade, you have to assemble these things and it can be time consuming and confusing and and might just be sitting in the box, way after Christmas or the time you got it. Well not all is lost, We want to help you Assembly items such as this and more. It’s a nice set up after it is put together. You know, now a days and pretty for as long as I can remember you have to assemble everything that came in a box. Like this below

Assembling Arcade Systems

We can help, give us a call if you don’t have the time to put this together. We promise our work and provide great customer service and respect at all times and we work around your busy schedule. There are many parts to this Arcade System, and time is important, so we help with that time and have it assembled within an hour in a half or less. Just look at all of the parts you to assemble here below

Parts to Arcade Home System

No worries, we got your back and can do same day appointments as well. We will even help you move it to the room you want it in, if it isn’t assembly in the room already.

You can check out some Arcade Systems and reviews here that are of reasonable price. They wrote an article about good Arcade’s to get in your home.

It’s a slight mission to assembly this project, so order our services might be of interest to you. Give us a call at 559-803-1808.

Here we will give you a slight preview of the items to assembled and the process… Check out Pictures below…

Surface 7


Ear Buds




Camp Chef

Outdoor Entertainment Gear Curved Portable Movie Projection Screen

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