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Thanks for visiting Appointments and your interest in our services and we hope we can be of service and knock down your needs. You can make appointments here or you can call for same day appointment by calling 559-803-1808. We do all assembles for HOME/BUSINESS/OUTSIDE/SPECIALTY Assembles too.

Gazebo Assembly California

Here are something’s we assemble:

  1. Gazebos (627 Installed, Dec, 2023)

  2. Grills

  3. Bed Frames

  4. Basketball Hoops

  5. Drawers

  6. Bookcases

  7. Bikes

  8. Storage Racks

  9. Video Arcades (Home)

  10. Deck Furniture

  11. Desks

  12. Tables

  13. Entertainment Centers

  14. Shelves

  15. Sofa

  16. Blackboards

  17. TV Mounting (1081 Mounted)

  18. Equipment Installations

  19. Specialty Assemblies (e.g., Security Cameras, Ring Camera Door Bell…etc.)

  20. All Outdoor Assemblies and More!

Furthermore, we can assembly every need you have, that comes in a box. Great customer service is our goal. We can and will working around your schedule. Assembly Hub understands time is precious. So we are here to help, save you time and money.

Make Your Appointment Today, So we can help you save time and money, to let you get back to what you rather be doing! So fill out form for appointment or give us a call at 559-803-1808. 



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